2018 CCAC Officers / Committee Chairs

Contact us at circlecityaqclub@gmail.com

CCAC is always looking for volunteers to help in many areas. Do not be shy, feel free to jump in and lend a hand. You might be surprised at what a satisfying experience it is to be more involved in the workings of your club. We are also always open to suggestions, if you have an idea on how we may improve please approach one of your board members and let us know. This club is what the members make it. If there is something you want to see happen just let us know.

Board of Directors
President – Jennifer Dillon  jen.j.dillon@gmail.com
Vice Pres. – Kelsea Kruger  koicraz@aol.com
Secretary –  Edward Kruger II  ekrugerii@yahoo.com
Treasurer –   Jennifer Dillon jen.j.dillon@gmail.com
Member at Large –  Carissa Miller lucidiabla@aol.com    
                                   Jaryl Harrison darkfury5@hotmail.com 
Committee Chairs
Auction/Swap Chair – Bill Flowers billflower@gmail.com
BAP – Bobby Sutton  rsutton4321@comcast.net
Editor/Publications – Chris Eichrodt  ceichrodt@comcast.net
HAP – Jennifer Loftus
Library – Edward Kruger II  ekrugerii@yahoo.com
Membership –  Kelsea Kruger and Jennifer Dillon koicraz@aol.com or jen.j.dillon@gmail.com
Social –   Tarri Bain    tarri_burgos@yahoo.com
Speaker Coordinator – Joe Fleckenstein fleck74@gmail.com
Ways and Means –  Jennifer Dillon jen.j.dillon@gmail.com
Webmaster – Edward Kruger II  ekrugerii@yahoo.com
Mailing Address:
Circle City Aquarium Club
6018 Thrushwood Dr.
Indianapolis, In 46250