Meeting Location


Clarion Waterfront Hotel
Clarion Waterfront Hotel                      2930 Waterfront Parkway West Drive Indianapolis, IN, 46214

The Circle City Aquarium Club meets on the first Thursday of the month with exception for holidays that fall on or around the first Thursday of the month. The meeting location is at Clarion Waterfront Hotel.  The hotel is located on the west side of Indianapolis, IN just minutes from I-465. A typical meeting would be an expert in the aquarium hobby giving a presentation on a specific topic, over a genre of fish, collecting fish in the wild, or even just a slideshow of fish the particular speaker has kept over years of being in the hobby. Our meetings typically start around 7:30 pm and last for roughly an hour. After the meeting there is a short break and possibly followed by a mini auction for members only. The mini auctions are fueled by club members participating in our Breeder Award Program, our Horticulture Award Program, or just a club member want to make room for new and exciting fish.


Hotel Auditorium
The auditorium holds over 100 people. Perfect for our club members to enjoy a great presentation on various hobby related items.

The CCAC holds its monthly meeting in the auditorium of the hotel. Please enter through under the Clarion Waterfront Hotel sign rather than the entrance for the bar/restaurant. The Clarion Waterfront Hotel has nine meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 361 individuals, depending on how the seating is organized. This location was home to the American Livebearer Association (ALA) convention in 2009 and several speaker workshops in the course of the CCAC history.





auction room
The event room located just down the hall from the auditorium has been the home of the CCAC Spring and Fall auctions for the past several years.

The Circle City Aquarium Club also holds two large auctions (one in the spring/summer and one in the fall/winter) year in the same location, just down the hall from the auditorium. You can view more information on the auction by clicking here.