Summer Swap 2018


When: SATURDAY JUNE 9th 2018
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
Where: Waterfront HOTEL
2930 Waterfront Parkway W. Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Free Admission to the public

Vendor Info: Sellers keep 100% of their profits!

Tables 8ft. = $25.00
** Effective 5-20-2018 Price increase**
Tables 8ft. = $30.00
You must pre-register to reserve a table.
There are a Limited number of tables available.
Rental fee must be paid in full at time of registration through Paypal.
For more info or to reserve a table, contact us at: 2018

1. Room will open up at 9AM for setup. All items must be out of the room by 3PM
2. All items sold or traded must be aquarium related.
3. All items must be clearly marked as to their working condition.
4. Neither Circle City Aquarium Club nor Waterfront Hotel is responsible for any lost or stolen items or the quality, identification, or working condition of any merchandise.
5. Acceptance of checks is at the discretion of the seller.
6. It is the responsibility of the sellers to provide their own change.
7. Sellers must clean up their own area.
8. Power will be available, but sellers need to bring their own extension cords.

Photo Calendar Contest

 We are happy to announce that the Monthly Photo Contest will continue in 2018!

 Must be a member of to participate.
Leave one picture in the comments. The photo with the most likes will be the banner for the next month. At the end of the year, we will print calendars that featured the winners from each month, and include the dates for CCAC meetings and events printed on the calendars!
Here are the rules for the 2018 contest:
– There will be an official post each month. Photographers who wish to submit photos can comment on the post with their picture.
– Each person may post ONE photo per month (Note: this is different than last year).
– At the end of the month, the photo which receives the most “Likes” will win and be printed in the calendar and posted as the banner image for the next month.
– Photos must be taken by the person who submits them, ideally in the month of the contest (but we realize there is no good way to enforce this).
– The Circle City Aquarium Club will have permission to use the submitted photos in the calendar, in the monthly newsletter, or on the website (with all credit given to the photographer).
– A photographer may not win two months in a row (but they can win every other month). This is meant to encourage a variety of photographers in the calendar.
– We ask that photos submitted to the CCAC photography contest not be entered in other contests or used on other websites. This is to avoid any appearance of favoritism by the club for a particular breeder or company.

Board of Directors Meeting Calendar Dates

Open to all club members. If you want to get more involved, it all starts here.

Circle City Aquarium Club Board of Directors Meeting

 Generally, the board meets via the Blue Jeans App on the second Thursday of the month.   If you are interested, reach out to any board member.   Please see below for dates.

Upcoming dates: 
                Thursday August 12, 2021    
              Thursday September 9, 2021
             Thursday October 14, 2021
              Thursday November 11, 2021
             Thursday December 9, 2021
             Thursday January 13, 2022
              Thursday February 10, 2022
           Thursday March 10, 2022
           Thursday April 14, 2022
         Thursday May 12, 2022
         Thursday June 9, 2022
          Thursday July 14, 2022
            Thursday August 11, 2022
              Thursday September 8, 2022
             Thursday October 13, 2022
              Thursday November 10, 2022
             Thursday December 8, 2022