Summer Swap 2018


When: SATURDAY JUNE 9th 2018
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
Where: Waterfront HOTEL
2930 Waterfront Parkway W. Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Free Admission to the public

Vendor Info: Sellers keep 100% of their profits!

Tables 8ft. = $25.00
** Effective 5-20-2018 Price increase**
Tables 8ft. = $30.00
You must pre-register to reserve a table.
There are a Limited number of tables available.
Rental fee must be paid in full at time of registration through Paypal.
For more info or to reserve a table, contact us at: 2018

1. Room will open up at 9AM for setup. All items must be out of the room by 3PM
2. All items sold or traded must be aquarium related.
3. All items must be clearly marked as to their working condition.
4. Neither Circle City Aquarium Club nor Waterfront Hotel is responsible for any lost or stolen items or the quality, identification, or working condition of any merchandise.
5. Acceptance of checks is at the discretion of the seller.
6. It is the responsibility of the sellers to provide their own change.
7. Sellers must clean up their own area.
8. Power will be available, but sellers need to bring their own extension cords.

CCAC June 7th, 2018 MEETING – Michael Monje “Beautiful Barbs & Rare Cyprinids ”

June 7th, 2018 Speaker Michael Monje– Bio



An avid and lifelong aquarist, past president of GVAC, Masterbreeder level in his home club (GVAC), Horticulturist level in his home club (GVAC), and what he considers his proudest moment in the hobby he was made a Fellow of GVAC in 2016. Mike has been lucky enough to travel to various locations around the world to collect and photograph aquatic life. At various stages in his hobby (obsession) he has worked with Wild-type livebearers, (esp. Limias), cichlids (esp. Victorians), his current obsession is Cyprinids, (esp. Barbs). Mike maintains a fishroom which houses over 1300 gallons of Freshwater and 400 gallons of Saltwater, in various sized tanks allowing him to work with many different species of fish, plants, and inverts (Freshwater and Marine).

Meeting Time:

Thursday, May 3rd , 2018 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Meeting Location:

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
2930 Waterfront Pky West Dr, Indianapolis, Indiana 46214

What to Expect:

A typical meeting we start setting up about 7:00 pm and will official start around 7:30 pm. At the start of the meeting all club business and announcements are made.

Next is our speaker/presentation. Typically they last about 1 hour. Topics have a very broad range as far as a hobbyist can see.

After that a  brief intermission

  The Conclusion consists of door prizes, a members-only raffle item donated from one of our many proud sponsors/supporters, and  a members-only mini-auction of fish and aquarium related goods.  Meetings usually last until 9:30 or 10:00 pm

Red Raffle Tickets are priced as follows:

1 ticket $1.00              6 tickets $5.00            15 tickets $10.00            35 tickets $20.00


Remember it is only $20.00 a year for membership. You can join in person or online

CCAC May 3rd, 2018 MEETING – John Krepper “Lake Tanganyika Cichlids”


May 3rd, 2018 Speaker John Krepper– Bio

I first started keeping fish at age 12 (1968) and was quickly introduced to the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers and participated as a junior
member. I moved from high fin green molly’s to Rift Lake Cichlids in a short time and then settled in Lake Tanganyika in the early 1970’s and have keep them ever since with a break from 1994 to 2005. While in Santa Barbara California I founded the Santa Barbara Aquarium Society in 1979 and in 1985 returned to Louisville I rejoined the LTFF club and was later elected president then served for a few years and was the active president when LTFF sponsored the 1992 ACA convention. I am currently a member of the Circle City Aquarium Club. I have been a member of the ACA during my years in the hobby and regularly attend the ACA convention.

Over the years of keeping Lake Tanganyika Cichlids I have photographed my fish as well as my friend’s fish and will present these photo’s and share my experiences in the hobby and keeping Lake Tanganyika Cichlids in the aquarium. Topics include feeding, territory requirements, water conditioning, general maintenance and good fish pics.

Thursday, May 3rd , 2018 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

2930 Waterfront Pky West Dr, Indianapolis, Indiana 46214