CCAC August 3rd 2017 MEETING – Steve Edie “The Name Game”

August 3rd 2017 Steve Edie – Bio

Steve Edie – “The Name Game – A Classification Permutation”

Steve Edie has been keeping fish since the Eisenhower administration. (ref:
Wikipedia) He has kept almost every kind of fish available, and some that weren’t.
He now keeps about 1,100 gallons of freshwater aquariums, with a preference
toward Rift Lake Cichlids. He has had good success in maintaining many different
species and moderate success at breeding them.
He is the past President and Treasurer and current BAP Chair of the Missouri
Aquarium Society. He served on the Board of Trustees of the American Cichlid
Association, but was paroled after two terms.
He once kept a saltwater tank for about a year, but has promised not to do it again.

CCAC July 6th 2017 MEETING – Lloyd Strohl “Axolotls”

July 6th 2017 Lloyd Strohl – Bio

AP Biology/AP Chemistry Teacher, Waldron Jr/Sr High School
BS Biology/Chemistry
40+ graduate hours Biochemistry and Evolutionary Biology

I have been fascinated by axolotls since learning of them in the 1980s. We first raised axolotls for use in the classroom as a model for Embryology in 2005. My fascination with their genetics and remarkable immunity and healing abilities gradually led to the need for more animals with wider genetic diversity, which grew into the small-scale business we have today. I continue to use axolotls in the classroom to study Embryology and Genetics, and beginning this Fall will attempt to study their Ethology as well.