CCAC February 1st 2018 MEETING – Nathan Sylvester “Betta Splenders”

February 1st 2018 Nathan Sylvester

Free Event! This is the clubs monthly meeting. It’s Jam packed of fish talk and fun. Come listen to Nathan Sylvester give a great talk on Betta Splendens, and stay for the Mini Auction. Must be a club member to participate in the Raffle and Mini Auction. Remember it is only $20.00 a year for membership. You can join in person or online

CCAC October 6th 2016 Meeting – Chris Carpenter

October 6th 2016 Speaker – Chris Carpenter Bio


Shell dwellers of Lake Tanganyika

Board member of the Grand Valley Aquarium Club, Chris got serious about the aquarium hobby 10 years ago. He keeps many different types of freshwater fish and dabbles in saltwater as well. His main interest lies with the Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika and even more specifically with the very interesting and small shell dwellers that live in the lake. Having kept and bred many of these fish, he will be sharing his experiences.

CCAC July 7th 2016 MEETING – Brian Zimmerman

July 7th 2016 Speaker Brian Zimmerman – Bio


I have been interested in North American Native Fish for almost my whole life. My father has photos of me playing in a stream when I was 2 years old. My parents got me interested in reading by getting me fish books because I had no interest in reading otherwise. By the time I was in middle school I knew I wanted to work with fish and by high school it was definitely natives. While still in high school I began breeding fish in aquariums and built a 1/4 acre wetland just to breed my own grass pickerel in my parents backyard. I then went to college at Heidelberg University in Tiffin Ohio where I double majored in water resources and environmental biology. Also while there I started Zimmerman’s Fish and began selling native fish to other enthusiasts. I then moved on to Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green Ohio where I got a masters in Aquatic Ecology and completed my thesis on a study of Redside Dace with the help of the NANFA conservation grant. From there I moved on to a couple of  interesting temporary positions with a couple of consulting companies and the Ohio Division of Wildlife. While working for ODW I revamped their fish ID pages ( so that it included descriptions and photos of all Ohio fish species. Apparently I impressed them enough with my work there because after that temporary position ended I was asked to work on a project through Ohio State University funded by ODW to revise the well known (at least to fish people) book Fishes of Ohio by M.B. Trautman. Hopefully I will be working on this project for several year to come and eventually provide a nice new publication for our membership and other native fish enthusiast. Since then I have started on several other projects jointly with OSU and Ohio DOW including some captive propagation and reintroduction of several state listed fish species.