Welcome New Member

Welcome new member! Thank you for joining the Circle City Aquarium Club. Listed below are just a few of the benefits the club provides. We are thrilled to have you as a new member of our club. We hope you have a wonderful time. If you ever have any questions, concerns, new ideas, or any input please feel free to talk to any of the board members. You can find their information in the back of any newsletter or on our website. We value our members input and would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks again and we are happy to have you as part of the club. 

CCAC Monthly Meetings:

Monthly Meetings are typically held at:

La Quinta Inn and Suites
5120 Victory Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Meetings typically start right around 7:30 pm and can last until 9:30pm or a little later, it all depends on how many items are entered in the mini-auction.

Please check out our website as well at www.ccacaqclub.org. There you’ll find information on upcoming events, speaker line up as well as their bios.  To the left of this screen, if viewing on a computer, you’ll see a list of upcoming speakers

What a meeting entails: Tons of knowledge to be learned of course. Here is what you should expect at the beginning of each meeting; you should be given a blue ticket which will be your ticket number for a door prize at the end of the presentation. Locate the registration table, there will be a sign-in sheet available. Please sign in that you are attending this meeting with your name and member number. Feel free to mingle with others until the presentation starts. We will then have a speaker for the evening and a short break after our guest speaker. Furthermore, in the event of a raffle, there will be red tickets that can be purchased 1 for $1 or 6 for $5. Please put your name and member number on any non-winning tickets and deposit them in the container on the table near the front used to collect them. Non-winning tickets will be kept for the big auction prize at the December Banquet. A mini auction will then follow at the end of each meeting for items, fish or plants that are brought. Of course have fun talking with all of your new fellow club members and friends. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

Discounts at various pet shops around Indianapolis:

The Reef Aquarium Shop: 15% off (must show CCAC card to get discount) Plus they offer Different Monthly Specials that are fantastic deals.
Aquatic Arts: 15% discount (You will need to reach out to info@aquaticarts.com to get the discount since they are currently an online store)
Uncle Bills (Greenwood location only): 10% off
(must show CCAC card to get discount)

CCAC Newsletter: Fancy Fins published bimonthly and sent to your email (please make sure that you provided a valid email to receive Fancy Fins)

Two large auctions: these are open to the public and we usually have fantastic turnouts with tons of items to bid on. You may bring items to sell as well. Please check out our auction rules on our website.  

CCAC Apparel, bags, or bumper stickers: (when available) We try to do new apparel every few years or so. We’ll start a contest to design the T-shirts or other apparel. Then we’ll take orders for the items. We don’t order extra to keep on hand. These are only available to club members.

Occasionally we have fish room tours, native fish collecting trips, Fish Swaps, and Special events.

The Winter Holiday Banquet
At the end of the year we have a banquet where we give out awards for our different programs like the Breeder Award Program, Specialist Breeder Program, and Horticulture Awards Program. More information on these programs can be found on our website. We have had a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange in the past. Club members bring in plants or fish in a nondescript bag and exchange it with others.

Additional Information: Here are several links for you to look over. 
CCAC By-laws 
CCAC Handbook
An example of Fancy Fins

Thank you for joining the club. We are glad to have you!


The Circle City Aquarium Club