CCAC September 7th 2017 MEETING – Jeff Cardwell “Abacaxis Adventure, Discus and Apistos!”

September 7th 2017 Speaker Jeff Cardwell – Bio

Jeff Cardwell has been active in the aquarium hobby for more than 45years. He maintains over 60 aquaria and his interests and expertise extend to catfish, killies, rainbowfishes and cichlids. Jeff has traveled extensively to collect aquarium fishes on more than 40 trips to Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Surinam, Uruguay, Mexico, El Salvador, the Bahamas and the U.S. Virgin Islands. An enthusiastic keeper of North America’s native fishes, his collecting trips have also taken him to many parts of the United States. Both as a speaker and a judge, Jeff has been a familiar figure at shows throughout the Midwest for more than thirty years. He is an active member of the American Cichlid Association, the American Killifish Association, the American Livebearer Association, and the Circle City Aquarium Club

CCAC May 4th 2017 MEETING – Bill Flowers “Native 101”

May 4th 2017 Bill Flowers – Bio

I have been keeping and breeding fish for over 50 years. Some of my first fish were minnows from a small stream near my home in Illinois. Over the years I have tried and kept various species of aquarium fish, but keep coming back to the native fish of the United States. I presently have 24 tanks going with most of them holding various native species from around the United States. One of the things that draw me to natives is the hunt to find them. You can go to the same spot in a stream at different times of the year and find different species of fish. I have always felt that the native fish of the United States often overlooked for more exotic fish from around the world.