CCAC April 1st, 2021 MEETING – John Krepper, Lake Tanganyika Feather-Fins and Sand Dwellers

John Krepper, entered the aquarium hobby in 1968. His earliest interests were the larger live-bearers, but he quickly got swept up in the African cichlid craze of the time. During the early 1970s, he began focusing on Tanganyikans, and except for a ten year period ending in 2005, has kept them ever since.

John has been active in the organized hobby from the very beginning, having joined the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers as a junior member. As a young man, he moved to California and founded the Santa Barbara Aquarium Society in 1979. Upon his return to Kentucky, he rejoined the LTFF and was eventually elected president. He has lived in Indianapolis since 1993.

John, a long-time ACA member, is a fixture at American Cichlid Association conventions. It was during his time as president that the LTFF hosted the 1992 ACA convention.

John has accumulated a great amount of knowledge of, and experience with, Tanganyikan cichlids. During his presentation he will discuss his years of experience keeping Tanganyika featherfins and sand dwellers, including the best tank mates, nutritional requirements, tank layouts, water conditioning, and general maintenance. He will also share his collection of photos and videos of Tanganyika featherfins and sand dwellers in his own tanks and in fish rooms he has visited.