CCAC August 6th 2015 Meeting – Doug Sweet

Doug will be presenting, “Spawning Anguilliform (Eel Shaped) Loaches – or Not!”. This is the story about his 40 year quest for the spawning triggers of these fascinating fishes. Doug will comver spawning loaches with hormone injections and without., and the Frank Kirschbaum methods for spawning tropical rainforest fishes such as electric knifefish and electric mormyrids, Polypterus, and others.

More about Doug:

Doug is the Superintendent at the London State Fish Hatchery, Ohio Division of Wildlife, ODNR. Doug has been a fish culturist/hobbyist for over 40 years. He started off with a goldfish bowl, graduating to a ten-gallon tank, and finally confiscating a corner of his parent’s basement for a dozen tanks. Doug acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology from Michigan State University (MSU). Doug’s work included attempts to develop diets for larval walleye and whitefish as well as manipulating fish genetics. Specifically, inducing triploidy in chinook, coho and chinook-coho salmon reciprocal hybrids. While Curator of Fishes for the Belle Isle Aquarium-Detroit Zoological Institute, Doug oversaw the breeding and rearing of more than thirty species of endangered fishes from around the world including Mexican goodeids, pupfishes, Lake Victorian Haplochromines, and other southwestern United States imperiled species. Doug has a soft spot in his heart for highly domesticated fishes such as Siamese fighting fish and fancy goldfish. Also a long term passion for trying to find the spawning triggers of kuhli loaches. During the last eight years he has been Superintendent for the London State Fish Hatchery in London, Ohio. The hatchery produces brown trout, rainbow trout, muskellunge, and hybrid striped bass for stocking public waters of Ohio. When it comes to angling, Doug considers himself still a “kid”, preferring the action of bluegill and other pan-fish on hook and line in the spring.