CCAC May 5th 2016 Meeting – Mike Helwig

May 5th 2016 Speaker Mike Helwig – Bio


I have been a hobbyist since the early 1970’s. Livebearers have been and still are my favorite group of fishes, and I’ve kept and bred more species of Livebearers than any other group of fishes. Several of my larger tanks are devoted to long-term colonies of Wild Livebearers. I’ve been a member of the ALA since I found out about it in the early 1990s.

Fancy Livebearers were the first fishes I submitted to my club’s BAP, and I still work with them. Since then, I’ve also worked with and successfully spawned over 125 Livebearing species, including dozens of Poeciliids, most of the known Goodeids, several Halfbeaks, a couple of Jenynsia, and a couple of Syngnanthiids. I recently earned the ALA Century Breeder Award. I’m interested in long-term maintenance of several species, and have had some Livebearer colonies going for more than a decade.

I’ve been active in the organized hobby for nearly three decades, speaking at club meetings all over the USA and Canada, serving on various boards for local and national organizations and committees including the ALA, and writing for many publications. I’m currently a Contributing Editor for the ALA bulletin and have had two books published by TFH Publications