CCAC May 6th, 2021 MEETING – Lawrence Kent, Seeking Friends and Holy Grail Fish: Stories from Mauritania and Nigeria.

Our speaker is Lawrence Kent who will share with us the presentation he made as the keynote speaker at the American Cichlid Association’s last annual convention — “Seeking Friends and Holy Grail Fish: Stories from Mauritania and Nigeria.”

The presentation will cover his 2019 trip to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and other forays into the wild world of Nigeria. He found some interesting fish in both of these strange and rarely visited countries, and not just cichlids but also characins, mormyrids, and catfish. If you like African fish or just funny stories, please join this webinar!

Lawrence works for a humanitarian foundation based in Seattle combatting poverty and malnutrition in Africa and South Asia. He travels abroad frequently for his job and takes advantage of these trips to look for freshwater fish on the side. He has made fish presentations in twenty-five cities on three continents, collected fish in 23 countries, and published two dozen articles in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Amazonas, the Cichlid News, the Buntbarsche Bulletin, American Currents, and the German magazines DATZ and BSSW Report . Lawrence currently serves as an Associate Editor for Amazonas magazine, US edition, and as a judge in the North American category of the Biotope Aquarium Design contest. He keeps 27 tanks at home filled with African cichlids, catfish, and tetras, Southeast Asian labyrinths, and self-collected native fish.


CCAC May Hybrid Meeting

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06 May, Thursday @ 07:30 PM EDT

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