CCAC September 3rd 2015 Meeting – Darrell Ullisch

CCAC July 2015 Monthly Meeting
Darrell Ullisch
Topic – Rivulus: Not Just Little Brown Fish!

Darrell Bio pic

Darrell Ullisch Bio:

I have always had an interest in animals, and started catching anything I could from an early age. When I was 14 I caught and kept several snakes, but was forced to release them before winter. That Christmas my mother bought me an aquarium in the hope that I would find fish more interesting than snakes. It worked-maybe too well. I’ve been breeding and studying fish ever since, almost 50 years. In this time I have counted myself extremely lucky to have made the acquaintance of many scientists, collectors, and experts of the hobby, and Charlie Grimes, too.

My expertise has bounced around, and thanks to my association with all those experts I am fairly knowledgeable in many areas of the hobby. I started fish photography early on, and started giving slide presentations in the late 1970s. I have since gone digital, of course. I have had a few articles published in TFH and Aquarium USA, and I post regularly on a few online fish forums, having gotten started in 1995 on the now defunct Compuserve Fishnet.

I served four years in the Navy, during which time I collected a lot of native fish in NE Florida. I am semi-retired (i.e., can’t find a job) after more than 30 years of working first as a machinist and then a Quality technician.