CCAC Summer Trunk Sale August 21, 2021, 6pm-8pm Aquatic Arts Parking Lot (New Location)

Circle City Aquarium Club is hosting a Trunk Sale.

WHAT: CCAC Trunk Sale

WHEN: Saturday August 21, 2021, 6pm – 8pm

WHERE: Aquatic Arts Parking Lot, 6352 Airway Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241

              **** The building signs  say “SkyBus” as that is who the previous occupant was.

WHO: All CCAC members as well as the public.

What you need to know.

  • If possible, CCAC will staff a table to answer questions, and to renew memberships. 
  • Aquatic Arts is graciously letting us use their parking lot, however, this event will occur after normal business hours. We will not be permitted inside the building.
  • All sales are exclusively between the buyer and the seller. CCAC does not guarantee any item bought or sold.
  • All state and local requirements for PPE and social distancing must be followed.
  • All state and local requirements, including DNR regulations, regarding the sale of live plants and animals must be followed.
  • Pre -registration is not required. But CCAC reserves the right to remove any individual from this event.
  • This a free event to buy or sell. CCAC nor Aquatic Arts, however, will NOT be providing tables, umbrellas or tents.
  • Sellers, no preregistration is required.  There are no seller fees.   As a CCAC sponsored event, only hobby related items, in good condition can be sold.

Keep in mind that we are living in a very dynamic situation. Please stay tuned to this page. As we get closer to the event, your leadership team will use this page to communicate those changes.




  1. I am bringing the following items:

    Chapalichthys encaustus – breeding group – CARES Species
    Cynotilapia sp. “hara” – Breeding trio
    Labidochromis sp. “Perlmutt” – 3/4 juveniles
    Pseudotropheus sp. “Acei” (Ngara) white tail – 3 juveniles

    2 sets of 40B lids, no hinges

  2. I will be bring the following items (with more to add later)

    Japanese Rice Fish (Dark Blue, Blue Lame’, and Platinum)
    Microgeophagus ramerizii
    German Blue Rams, pairs
    Juvenile Electric Blue, $15 each, pre-order only
    Juvenile Blacks, $25 each, pre-order only
    large pond liner
    Marineland 5gal Cube tank set up, includes light, heater.

  3. I’m bringing a bunch of driftwood. I’ll have a bunch of sizes ranging from small to large for all size tanks. Prices will be no more than $40 and that’s for the largest pieces! Most will be $25 with the smaller ones being $10. Buy 4 or more with 2 being at least medium size ($25) and I’ll cut $10 off total price. Come check me out! I’ll be by a blue chrysler town and country!

  4. Will check back over the next 30 hours but if anyone is interested in male cichlids let me know or has any 2-3″ females. I just bought 15 and have 2 yellow tail acei 3 female, 4 red zebra 1 female. Got 5 kenyii too but don’t know how to sex them yet (I’m just looking at egg spots for the other 2 species and new to the hobby). Trying to get them down to 1 male 4 female. Or if anyone has female acei or red zebras please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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