January 8th, 2015 CCAC Meeting – Movie Night

January’s meeting will be a movie night. The CCAC will be showing The Amazon: River of the sun.

Amazon: River Of The Sun movie was released Jan 14, 2013 by the Razor Digital studio. An epic production, capturing every detail in High Definition, this documentary takes viewers on a 40,000 kilometer odyssey chasing the sun to some of the most extreme and diverse locations on the planet. Amazon: River Of The Sun movie The equator is not only the line that divides the Earth in 2 – it’s also a line of life and a powerful force of nature, where the pace of evolution quickens. Amazon: River Of The Sun video Just as humanity evolved under the glare of the equatorial sun on the East African savannah, it’s no accident that many “hot spots” of biological significance occur along the equator. Amazon: River Of The Sun film As the sun beats down on the oceans, moist air rises on such a large scale that it generates the trade winds great ocean currents that energize life on the globe.