The CCAC Library is graciously hosted at Midwest Exotic Fish, 207 Main Street, Beech Grove, Indiana, 46107.    Books can be checked out and returned at the shop. 

A. CCAC Book List

             Book ID                        Title                         Author                         ISBN

7401959African Cichlids Of Lakes Malawi And TanganyikaDr. Herbert R. Axelrod; Dr. Warren E. Burgess9780866228879
7402034American Cichlids Ii: Large Cichlids : A Handbook For Their Identification, Care, And BreedingWolfgang Staeck; Horst Linke9781564651693
11108108AquariologyJohn B. Gratzek; Janice R. Matthews9781564651051
3191887Aquarium Atlas: Volume 2Rudiger Riehl; Hans A. Baensch9781564651143
696457Aquarium Corals : Selection, Husbandry, And Natural HistoryEric H. Borneman9781890087470
16728519Aquariums For Those Who CareHerbert R. Axelrod9780793813759
9674611Aquariums For Your New PetMary Ellen Sweeney9780866226240
10587773Basslets, Dottybacks & HawkfishesScott W. Michael9781890087333
8630981Betta CareT.F.H. The Pet Experts at9780793810406
912704Bettas: A Complete Introduction (Guide To Owning A…)Walt Maurus9780866222884
2609783The Biotope Aquarium: An Authentic Imitation Of Nature In Your Home : Setting Up Natural-Looking Aquariums (A Save-Our-Planet Book)Rainer Stawikowski9780866225199
8991301The Book Of Patios And PondsGordon T. Ledbetter9780906670323
2613062Botanical Latin: History, Grammar, Syntax, Terminology And VocabularyWilliam T. Stearn9780715385487
9404466Breeding KillifishesMarshall E. Ostrow9780876665404
10583893Catfish In The AquariumCarl Ferraris9783893560431
13699035Catfish: Keeping & Breeding Them In CaptivityRichard Geis9780793803538
11050610Central American CichlidsDavid Sands9781564651532
6280235The Cichlid AquariumPaul V. Loiselle9781564651464
8562880The Cichlid FishesGeorge W. Barlow9780738203768
13764383Cichlids From Central AmericaAd. Konings9780866227001
7401955Cichlids From West AfricaHorst Linke9781564651662
2421993Cichlids Of The WorldRobert Goldstein9780866228930
18473623Collecting Marine FishesRodney Jonklaas9780793802036
1251629Collecting Marine Tropicals (Creating The Marine Environment)Rodney Jonklass9780793830497
6722258Commonsense Guide To Fish Health, ATerry Fairfield9780764113383
15052479The Complete Aquarium Problem SolverKevin W. Boyd9781564651426
15162994Complete Book Of Dwarf Cichlids9780866227018
8252854A Complete Introduction To CichlidsDr. Robert J. Goldstein9780866222792
6652582A Complete Introduction To Marine Aquariums: Completely Illustrated In Full ColorDr. Warren E. Burgess9780866223515
18473616Damselfishes Of The WorldGerald R. Allen9783882440089
13764384Degen Discus BookBernd Degen9780866220866
10583369Dictionary Of Aquarium TermsJohn H. Tullock9780764111655
12824831Discus, How To Breed ThemBernd Degen9780866226417
6719894The Discus: King Of The AquariumBernd Degen9783923880959
493351Dr. Burgess’s Atlas Of Marine Aquarium FishesDr. Warren E. Burgess9780866228961
12487548Dr. Burgess’s Mini-Atlas Of Marine Aquarium FishesWarren Burgess; Herbert R. Axelrod; Ray Hunziker9780793800322
7402033Dwarf Cichlids (American Cichlids)Horst Linke; Wolfgang Staeck9781564651686
8494127Fancy GoldfishPaul R. Paradise9780793830299
1260471Fantastic FrogsJerry G. Walls9780793801312
18472182Feeding Tropical Fish The Right WayStephan Dreyer9780793802104
9643911Fishes Of Lake TanganyikaPierre Brichard9780876664643
18472178A Fishkeeper's Guide To Community FishesDick Mills9780668063524
11806474A Fishkeeper’s Guide To African & Asian CatfishesDavid Sands9783923880560
2865812Fishkeeper’s Guide To African Cichlids: A Splendid Introduction To This Diverse And Attractive Group Of Tropical Freshwater FishesPaul V. Loiselle9783923880393
13982A Fishkeeper’s Guide To Aquarium Plants: A Superbly Illustrated Guide To Growing Healthy Aquarium Plants, Featuring Over 60 SpeciesBarry James9781564651730
10434247A Fishkeeper’s Guide To Central Ameican CichlidsDavid Sands9780861012084
13780591A Fishkeeper’s Guide To Fancy GoldfishesChris Andrews9781564651624
8135896A Fishkeeper’s Guide To Fish BreedingDr. Chris Andrews9783923880553
4680065A Fishkeeper’s Guide To South American CatfishDavid Sands9783923880973
8642130A Fishkeeper’s Guide To The Healthy AquariumNeville Carrington9781564651617
5868577Freshwater Aquarium FishInc Book Sales9780785809685
8150274Genetics For AquaristsJohannes Horst Schröder9780876664612
11726350GoldfishPaul R. Paradise9780876665114
15202872Goldfish As A HobbyRobert Hilble; Gabriele Langfeldt-Feldman9780866224109
15439051Goldfish Care.9780793810413
11945290Goldfish, As A New PetAnmarie Barrie9780866226066
7922417Goldfish: A Complete IntroductionRobert Mertlich9780866223508
13448718Goldfish: Looking After My Pet SeriesDavid Alderton9780754812234
7776801The Guide To Owning Central American CichlidsRichard F. Stratton9780793803545
342092The Guide To Owning GuppiesHomer Mozart9780793803583
9562156The Guide To Owning Malawi CichlidsT.F.H. Publications; David E. Boruchowitz9780793803590
811532Handbook Of Tropical Aquarium FishesDr. Herbert R. Axelrod; Leonard P. Schultz9780876664919
18473615Hard Corals : Creating The Reef EnvironmentJim Fatherree9780793830152
10742311Hobbyist Guide To Catfish And LoachesPaul V. Loiselle; David Pool9783893561384
5870739Hobbyist Guide To The Natural Aquarium (Aquarium Digest International Collector’s Edition)Dr. Chris Andrews9783893561322
9239484Host Sea Anemone SecretsRon Shimek9780966454956
8786212How To Set Up A Tropical AquariumHerbert R. Axelrod9780866221115
7553326I Am Your Goldfish (Page, Gill. I Am Your Pet.)Gill Page9780769633886
9546036Keeping A Reef AquariumV. Erich Friese; U. Erich Friese9780793801473
8533157Labyrinth FishHelmut Pinter9780812056358
3493112Labyrinth Fish: The Bubble Nest BuildersHorst Linke9783893561377
105966Landscaping With Nature: Using Nature’s Designs To Plan Your YardJeff Cox9780878579112
1320136Manual Of Fish HealthExcell Adrian; Andrew Chris9783923880379
15230544The Manual Of Tank Busters9783893560417
12288310Marine AngelfishesJoachim Frische9780793802319
9431646Marine AquariaWarren Burgess9780876665336
568309The Marine Aquarium Reference: Systems And InvertebratesMartin A. Moe9780939960057
7809107Marine Aquariums: A Complete Authoritative GuideRichard F. Stratton9780793801084
9466449Marine AtlasHelmut Debelius; Hans A. Baensch; Horst Moosleitner9781564651136
9104821Marine Fishes And Invertebrates In Your Own HomeCliff W. Emmens9780866227902
13764379Marine Invertebrates And Plants Of The Living ReefPatrick Lynn Colin9780866228756
13935518Mini Reef YearbookRichard F. Stratton9780793801121
2931764Miniature Reef Aquarium In Your HomeC.W. Emmens9780866226615
10584036North American Native Fishes For The Home AquariumDavid M. Schleser; David Wenzel9780764103674
8100204OscarsNeal Pronek9780866222129
2424394The Perfect Pond Recipe BookPeter May9781852790073
7364570Pictorial Encyclopedia Of FishesS. Frank9780600369462
14078822Popular Guide To Tropical Aquarium FishesDick Mills9781564651099
18472155The Proper Care Of GoldfishJames Geran9780793831586
10857896The Proper Care Of GoldfishJames Geran9780866221863
9062412The Proper Care Of Marine Aquarium FishesScott B. Meyer9780793831562
1533304Saltwater Aquarium Handbook, The (Barron’s Pet Handbooks)George Blasiola9780764112416
18473613Sand Bed Secrets: The Common-Sense Way To Biological FiltrationRon Shimek9780966454963
15206816Sand Painting For Terrariums & Aquariums9780876666265
1076890Seahorses: Everything About History, Care, Nutrition, Handling, And Behavior (Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals)Frank Indiviglio9780764118371
12304473Setting Up An AquariumSpencer Glass9780793802012
31744Setting Up Your First AquariumDr. Herbert R. Axelrod9780793803507
7434324Siamese Fighting Fish (The Guide To Owning…)Gene Wolfsheimer9780793803521
183408Simon & Schuster’s Guide To Freshwater And Marine Aquarium FishesSimon and Schuster9780671228095
1895105The Simple Guide To Garden Ponds (Simple Guide To…)Terry Anne Barber9780793821105
2427344South America Cichlids: Keeping & Breeding Them In Captivity (Re-615)Richard Stratton9780793803644
3152803South American CichlidsWayne S. Leibel; David Sands9781564651037
7417404Starting A Marine AquariumCraig Barker9780876667514
8202797Starting Your Marine AquariumDavid E. Boruchowitz9780793803606
3151084Starting Your Tropical AquariumDr. Herbert R. Axelrod9780866226974
385634Step By Step Book About Our First AquariumAnmarie Barrie9780866224543
10378306A Step-By-Step Book About DiscusGünter Keller9780866229029
18471192A Step-By-Step Book About GuppiesJack C. Harris9780866229081
4737954Step-By-Step Book About Setting Up A Marine Aquarium (Step By Step Book About Series)C.W. Emmens9780866224697
9416891The Super Simple Guide To KoiBrian M. Scott9780793834501
2419301Swordtails: Keeping And Breeding Them In CaptivityDr. Herbert R. Axelrod; Myron Gordon9780793803651
15030553Tanganyika Cichlids9789080018112
7883485Terrariums For Your New PetMervin F. Roberts9780866225250
15246078Tropical Fish9780793813797
8333516Tropical Fish9780866228015
894072Tropical FishNeal Pronek9780793803675
1404444Tropical Fish (A Golden Guide From St. Martin’s Press)Bruce W. Halstead9781582381589
7192429Tropical Fish As A HobbyMary E. Sweeney9780866225205
109566Tropical Fish Golden Guide (A Golden Guide)Bruce W. Halstead9780307243614
1012642The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Aquarium Fish And Fish CareMary Bailey; Gina Sandford9780754801542
12824833Wild-Caught DiscusBernd Degen9780793802968
6568876Your First Goldfish (Your First Series)Mariana Gilbert9780866220651
7544481Your Garden Pond: Practical Tips On Planning, Design, Installation And MaintenanceK.H. Wieser; Paul V. Loiselle9783923880218

B. Various Publications from other Clubs.   

  1. #35 March/April 2006 Newsletter of the Grand Valley Aquarium Club

2. Vol. 43 May, August, Oct. 2006 “The Gravel Gossip” Diamond State Aquarium Society Inc.

3. Jan/Feb, May/June 2006 “Aquatic Forum” Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts Society

4. April, June 2006 “Finformation” Greater Pittsburg Aquarium Society Inc.

5. May/June, Sept/Oct “The Darter” Missouri Aquarium Society Inc.

6. #36 May/June Newsletter of the Grand Valley Aquarium Club

7. Fall, Winter 2005 “The Bulletin” Montreal Aquarium Society

8. March/April, 2006; Jan/Feb 2007 “Aqua News” Minnesota Aquarium Society

9. Oct 2005, March, April, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2006 “Modern Aquarium” Greater City Aquarium Society-New York

10. Vol. 53 #4 “Fin Fax” Delaware County Aquarium Society

11. Vol. 13 #10 2002 “The Shoreline” Jersey Shore Aquarium Society

12. Vol. 45 # 5,6 Jan, Feb 2003; vol. 48 # 2,4, 2005; vol. 48 #5,6,7,8,9, 2006 “The Calquarium” Calgary Aquarium Society

13. March/April, May/June, July/August, Nov/Dec 2006 “The Youngstown Aquarist” Youngstown area tropical fish society

14. Jan/Feb, May/June, July/August, Sept/Oct 2006 “Under the Top Glass” Heart of America Aquarium Society

15. Feb/March, April/May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Dec,Jan 2006  “Splash” Milwaukee Aquarium Society, Inc.

16. 2005, 2006 “Aquatica” Brooklyn Aquarium Society

17. 2005, 2006, 2007 “SWMAS” Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society

18. 2006, 2007 “Fincinnati” Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

19. 2005 “Cichlid Evening Post” Great Lakes Cichlid Society


20. “FAAS Report” Federation of American Aquarium Societies

21. “Mostly Ichthyology Catalogue 1986” School Of Enterprises

22. “Aquarium Digest International” By Tetra

23. “Buntbarsche Bulletin” Journal of the American Cichlid Association set of 5

24. “Exotic Tropical Fishes (looseleaf)”  set of 3

C. Old copies of Fancy Fins