Membership Benefits

Membership is ONLY $20.00 per year per household
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Want to use PAYPAL for your membership payments? 

Now you can! 

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1 year membership:

 HEY! So we’ve been getting a lot of questions like “Is it better to join by Paypal or at the club meeting?”.  We’re not too picky about that actually.  Basically Paypal is offered as a convenient option for you and if its easier for you to mail in a check or pay at the meeting, we’re just as happy.  The only thing I would say is that if you do pay online and you have not received a card in the mail from Hedy before the next meeting, go ahead and print your receipt and bring it with you.  That way if she has not seen the notification, you have your receipt in hand and she can hook you up with your member number.  Sound good?  See you at the meeting!