CCAC Sunday January 8th 2017 at 3:30 p.m. Meeting – Nathan Sylvester

Sunday January 8th 2017 Speaker – Nathan Sylvester Bio



Nathan (“Nate”) Sylvester was born and raised in a very rural part of southern Indiana.  Nate, whose father had also been an aquarist, began in the aquarium hobby at a very early age.  As with many goldfish fanciers, his hobby began with tropical fish, which eventually led to breeding, grooming, and competing with bettas.  As his commitment to the betta hobby grew, Nate sought out a mentor and was introduced to Dan Young, one of the nation’s leading betta fanciers ~ who also happened to be a goldfish breeder, groomer, competitor, and judge!  Dan Young had been the chair of the American Goldfish Association, a progenitor of The Goldfish Council.

Dan kept encouraging Nate to consider the goldfish fancy, which Nate kept dismissing.  Finally, after being exposed to Dan’s award winning Top View Ranchus, Nate changed his mind and switched over completely from bettas to the goldfish.  His 1,200 gallon fishroom is now strictly dedicated to goldfish, with a focus on Top View Ranchu and Ryukin.  He has not looked back.

When not working, Nate chases his son around various seasonal sports.