CCAC May 6th, 2021 MEETING – Lawrence Kent, Seeking Friends and Holy Grail Fish: Stories from Mauritania and Nigeria.

Our speaker is Lawrence Kent who will share with us the presentation he made as the keynote speaker at the American Cichlid Association’s last annual convention — “Seeking Friends and Holy Grail Fish: Stories from Mauritania and Nigeria.”

The presentation will cover his 2019 trip to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and other forays into the wild world of Nigeria. He found some interesting fish in both of these strange and rarely visited countries, and not just cichlids but also characins, mormyrids, and catfish. If you like African fish or just funny stories, please join this webinar!

Lawrence works for a humanitarian foundation based in Seattle combatting poverty and malnutrition in Africa and South Asia. He travels abroad frequently for his job and takes advantage of these trips to look for freshwater fish on the side. He has made fish presentations in twenty-five cities on three continents, collected fish in 23 countries, and published two dozen articles in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Amazonas, the Cichlid News, the Buntbarsche Bulletin, American Currents, and the German magazines DATZ and BSSW Report . Lawrence currently serves as an Associate Editor for Amazonas magazine, US edition, and as a judge in the North American category of the Biotope Aquarium Design contest. He keeps 27 tanks at home filled with African cichlids, catfish, and tetras, Southeast Asian labyrinths, and self-collected native fish.

CCAC April 1st, 2021 MEETING – John Krepper, Lake Tanganyika Feather-Fins and Sand Dwellers

John Krepper, entered the aquarium hobby in 1968. His earliest interests were the larger live-bearers, but he quickly got swept up in the African cichlid craze of the time. During the early 1970s, he began focusing on Tanganyikans, and except for a ten year period ending in 2005, has kept them ever since.

John has been active in the organized hobby from the very beginning, having joined the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers as a junior member. As a young man, he moved to California and founded the Santa Barbara Aquarium Society in 1979. Upon his return to Kentucky, he rejoined the LTFF and was eventually elected president. He has lived in Indianapolis since 1993.

John, a long-time ACA member, is a fixture at American Cichlid Association conventions. It was during his time as president that the LTFF hosted the 1992 ACA convention.

John has accumulated a great amount of knowledge of, and experience with, Tanganyikan cichlids. During his presentation he will discuss his years of experience keeping Tanganyika featherfins and sand dwellers, including the best tank mates, nutritional requirements, tank layouts, water conditioning, and general maintenance. He will also share his collection of photos and videos of Tanganyika featherfins and sand dwellers in his own tanks and in fish rooms he has visited.


CCAC Summer Trunk Sale and BAP/HAP Silent Auction August 8, 2020, 6pm-8pm Aquatic Arts Parking Lot in Brownsburg, Indiana

Circle City Aquarium Club is hosting a Trunk Sale.

WHAT: CCAC Trunk Sale

WHEN: Saturday August 8, 2020, 6pm – 8pm

WHERE: Aquatic Arts Parking Lot, 554 Pitt Rd, Brownsburg, IN 46112

WHO: All CCAC members as well as the public.

What you need to know.

  • CCAC will staff a table to answer questions, accept BAP and HAP submissions and to renew memberships. The 2 for 1 membership will be in effect during the Trunk Sale.
  • Aquatic Arts is graciously letting us use their parking lot, however, this event will occur after normal business hours. We will not be permitted inside the building.
  • All sales are exclusively between the buyer and the seller. CCAC does not guarantee any item bought or sold.
  • BAP Points may be earned by submitting completed paperwork at the CCAC table.
  • All state and local requirements for PPE and social distancing must be followed.
  • Pre -registration is not required. But CCAC reserves the right to remove any individual from this event.
  • This a free event to buy or sell. CCAC, however, will NOT be providing tables, umbrellas or tents.

BAP and HAP – While BAP and HAP would not normally be accepted at a trunk sale, due to the COVID crisis and the unusual circumstances in which we find ourselves the club is making provisions for members to earn points. The process will be as follows:

  • All BAP and HAP submissions will be sold using a Silent Auction method.
  • BAP submissions must include completed paper work, failure to complete the form properly will result in submission not being accepted. You can find the BAP forms and rules here. You can find HAP forms here.
  • Acceptance of any submission is entirely at the discretion of the BAP and HAP chairperson(s).
  • All submissions must be turned into the CCAC table by 6:25pm. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Sellers will be sent a check for proceeds at some point following the date of the trunk sale.
  • Donations to the club are accepted.
  • The Silent Auction will run from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.
  • You do not need to be a member or have a bid number to participate.
  • Highest bid on each item wins. Winners of the auction items must be present to pick the item up.
  • For the Silent Auction, credit cards will be the only accepted form of payment. No checks. No cash. Transactions between buyers and sellers are up to their agreed upon discretion.

Keep in mind that we are living in a very dynamic situation. Please stay tuned to this page. As we get closer to the event, your leadership team will use this page to communicate those changes.

You may leave a comment below with questions, a list of what you are bringing, or a list of what you are looking for. Web Admins must approve all comments and reserve the right to refuse or delete any or all comments.