2020 Spring Collection Trip

Native Fish Spring Collecting Trip

When:  April 4th 2020

Will meet at 11:00AM on April 4th. If you are collecting you will need a valid fishing license. I will be there around 10 AM for those that want to come early

For more details contact Bill Flowers  at billflower@gmail.com or 317-831- 8357

Where:  See below

Directions to #1 (39.775101, -86.420392) collecting site.

Take Rockville Road/I-36 west to I-267.  This is the first light past Speck’s in Avon.

Turn right. Take I-267 north to E 100N.

Turn left on E 100N to E91N Rd.

Turn left on E91N Rd

Follow E 91N to parking lot on Creek Bank.

Directions to Site #2 (39.760515, -86.415222)

Head east on County Rd 91 N toward Stanley Drive

Turn right onto N CR-625 E

Continue onto S County Rd 625 E

Turn right at 98 S County Rd 625 E (Softball Park)

What you need to bring:

  1. Fishing license
  2. shoes or boots to wade in
  3. Clothes for wading in (recommend jeans)
  4. Something to take your fish home in (Buckets, coolers)

  Bill has enough nets for everyone.

CCAC June 6, 2019 MEETING – Dr. Heather Moulton-Meissner speaking on “Fish Diseases”

Dr. Heather Moulton-Meissner is a microbiologist whose work focuses on identifying unusual sources of patient infections in healthcare facilities. This work often involves scrutinizing the environment, such as medical equipment, surfaces, drugs, and water for the bacteria suspected of causing illness. She has also kept freshwater fish for 28 years, with an emphasis on large predatory Central and South American cichlids. Her love of microbiology is reflected in fishkeepinig, where she uses her knowledge to maintain a balanced community of beneficial bacteria in her tanks, while quickly identifying and correctly treating pathogenic bacterial infections in her livestock.

Free and open to the public.

Meeting Time: Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Meeting Location:

La Quinta Inn & Suites                                                                                                                   5120 Victory Dr.                                                                                                                        Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

What to Expect:

A typical meeting we start setting up about 7:00 pm and will official start around 7:30 pm. At the start of the meeting all club business and announcements are made.

Next is our speaker/presentation. Typically they last about 1 hour. Topics have a very broad range as far as a hobbyist can see.

After that a  brief intermission

  The Conclusion consists of door prizes, a members-only raffle item donated from one of our many proud sponsors/supporters, and  a members-only mini-auction of fish and aquarium related goods.  Meetings usually last until 9:30 or 10:00 pm

Red Raffle Tickets are priced as follows:

1 ticket $1.00    6 tickets $5.00     15 tickets $10.00    35 tickets $20.00


Remember it is only $20.00 a year for membership. You can join in person or online http://ccacaqclub.org/membership-2/join-now/

CCAC September 6th, 2018 MEETING – Matt Parkinson “Freshwater Invertebrates”


Matt Parkison is the general manager of Aquatic Arts, an internet-based aquarium livestock and plant company in the Indianapolis, IN area. Matt began keeping aquariums at the age of eleven, and he has since logged 24 years of private aquarium-keeping as well as several years of working in the industry at various times over the past 20+ years, beginning with overall management of the aquarium department at an Anderson, IN pet shop at the age of 14 (i.e. – as soon as he could get a work permit!). Matt is responsible for the product stocking, overall management, and strategizing expansion and sales at Aquatic Arts.

Matt’s interests in the aquarium hobby are very diverse, but his longtime interests have included ancient, predatory, and venomous fish, particularly the scorpionfish family. He is also a herptile enthusiast, especially regarding turtles. Since he has worked for Aquatic Arts, Matt has become very interested and more well-versed in freshwater shrimp, crayfish, snails, invertebrates, nano fish, and plants.

In addition to his passion for the aquarium hobby, Matt has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance (Guitar) from Butler University and has played extensively in several musical acts and taught guitar and bass privately to hundreds of students. He enjoys attending concerts, reading, and spending time with friends and family.