Editors Award Program (New)



The Editors Award Program

This program is designed to help encourage photos, articles,tips and tricks and anything else that may apply to
our wonderful hobby. Anything submitted to the editor you’ll get points for, as long as its usable and
your own. Turn in a BAP article on breeding swordtails and its worth 5 points for BAP. With the Editor’s award program, that article will get you 10 points. If you turn in photos along with the article, you can get an additional 30 points for a grand total of 40 points. Are you planning on going to a convention, Newport Aquarium, or even a local pet shop? Why not write a small article for some points.


1. To encourage the writing of articles for

Fancy Fins and the development of writ-

ing skills by CCAC members.

2. To acknowledge the accomplishment of

CCAC members contributions to the hob-

by through their writing and artistic efforts.

3. To encourage a spirit of competition for the annual

“Editor’s Award”.

4. To increase information about the tropical fish hob-

by to CCAC members and aquarists in general.


Editors Award Program Rules


Participation is open to all Circle City Aquarium Club mem-

bers that are current on their dues. Articles (the word

“article” shall mean any written composition, photograph,

drawing or other item for submission) by nonmembers will

not qualify retroactively upon joining CCAC. All submis-

sions must be published originally by Fancy Fins of the

CCAC and not by any other club, website or publication.

Articles must be submitted in Word or other acceptable

word processing format. Articles submitted as the body of

an email shall not considered an acceptable medium for

submittal. Photos must be submitted in JPEG format.

Please be sure to clean the glass and remove any algae.

Photos containing personal identification or watermarks

shall not be considered for points.


A. Points will be awarded based on the fol-
lowing schedule for articles first published
in Fancy Fins, from December 1 of one
year through November 30 of the following year.
B.All point awards are at the sole discretion of the committee.
C. Articles and/or artwork not published with in the time frame, for any reason, will be included in the year’s competition in which they occur.
D. Co authored articles will have the points split evenly.
E. If any member should not renew his/her
membership, accumulated points will be
kept on an inactive list until such time as
membership is renewed or until the end of
the calendar year.


The awards shall be distributed at the December banquet.
The exact number and type of awards shall be decided
upon and approved by the Board of Directors. At the dis-
cretion of the editor’s committee, awards shall be modified
to include any additional categories, and shall be submit-
ted to the Board of Directors for approval. Once the award
has the approval from the Board of Directors it must be
presented to the membership through Fancy Fins prior to
being award in December.
A. The Editor’s Award will be given to the
CCAC member who accumulates the
highest number of points, as described in
the points accumulation rules, for original
articles and/or artwork published in Fancy
Fins from December 1 of one year
through November 30 of the next. Points
will be reset at the end of the term. The
member must have submitted an original
item for publication in Fancy Fins to be
eligible. The exception to this time frame
shall be the initial award, which shall run
from the inception of the program to No-
vember 1 of the following year. Points for
this award will include bonus points
earned for previously published articles
earned during the same time frame. This
award shall be a plaque. A special prize
may be award depending on sponsorship
of the program.



The Editor’s Award Program Committee shall consist of
the Editor of Fancy Fins. At the discretion of the Editor, he/
she may form a committee. The duties of the committee
1. Maintain records of the points earned by
all participants
2. Provide a report each month of the current
standings, to Fancy Fins Editor, by the
editor’s deadline date.
3. Inform the club’s treasurer of the awards
to be given out. At that time the Treasurer
shall arrange the purchase of awards.


10 – Required BAP or HAP articles. Short articles (less than 50 words) such as tips, jokes, etc.

10-Any hobby related subject such as product review or pet shop review of less than 250 words.

15 Any hobby related subject or BAP article of 250-500 words.

20 Any hobby related subject or BAP article of 500-1,000 words.

35 Any hobby related subject or BAP article of more than 1,000 words.

20 Original hand drawn of fish or plants.

10 Original photographs submitted without an article. To be usable, a photograph must be in focus and centered in the frame of the picture, with subject matter readily identifi-able.Please b esure to clean the glass and remove anyalgae. Photos containing personal identification or water-marks shall not be considered for points.

10 Other original drawings or cartoons, hand drawn, or computer assisted.

10 Additional points will be awarded for each photograph submitted with an article that relates to the subject matter of the article, to a maximum of 30 additional points per article. Photographs must be in focus and usable. Please see Eligibility for photo requirements.


For reprinted items appearing in publications that the Exchange Editor does not receive, it will be the responsibility of the author to provide proof to the committee by November 30 of the contest year. A continuing column of four or more editions within the time frame of the contest, usually a period of twelve consecutive months. Points awarded upon publication of the fourth (4th) edition.

Articles reprinted in another club’s publication (each


5 Articles reviewed in another club’s “Exchange Column”,

each review.

10 Any artwork reprinted in another club’s publication

(each reprinting).

10 Articles mentioned or reviewed in a “for profit” hobby


120 Articles reprinted (with permission of the author) in

an hobby related for profit magazine or journal with a large

distribution base in a “for profit” publication. These may be

edited by the publication or the author but must be sub-

stantially the same. These points will be awarded only if

the CCAC and Fancy Fins are credited.

Articles and authors receiving awards in the FAAS Publica-

tions Award Program will be awarded bonus points based

on the following schedule. The FAAS award points will be

counted in the year in which they are awarded, not neces-

sarily in the year


which they are awarded.


Article/Author of the Year

50 First in category

30 Second in category

20 Third in category

10 Fourth in category or honorable mention.


Leader Board (Current Points)

Bradley Moore
Charley Grimes
Bobby Sutton
Roy Smith
Carissa Miller
Tarri Bain

Sponsored By

Amazonas Magazine


Updated April 2017